Spark Plugs and Caps

The BMW R12 used 4 different types of Spark plug caps during its production run leaving the factory. They are the :


  1. BERU 04
  2. BOSCH 0356 150 005
  3. Seimens EW(S)10b
  4. BMW marked cap
  5. BOSCH EM/W 10/11


Below are several photos of the BERU 04 spark plug cap.


Below is a photo of the BOSCH 0356 150 005 model spark plug caps.

Below are photos of the Siemens EW(S)10b caps

Below are photos of the BOSCH EM/W 10/11. These type of plugs were the first Funkentstört nach Gruppe III  sparkplug cap. This was to reinforce against radio interference.



Here is a spark plug conversion sheet:


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