Misc. Photos

Here is an prewar photo of a group of Wehrmacht soldats on a motorcycle platoon company. Notice all of the BMW R12 Motorcycles appear to be early models with internal controls. This is a prewar photo and the motorcycles all appear to be from Wehrkreis XIII Nürnberg.

Hitler, Franz Josef Popp and Adolf Hühnlein at the IAMA exhibition in Berlin, 1935. Adolf Hühnlein (to Hitler’s left in SA uniform), Hitler and Franz Josef Popp (to Hitler’s right with back to camera) with the Six Day Trial winners’ trophy and the victorious motorcycle, an R 17, at the 1935 IAMA. Rudolf Schleicher can be seen behind Popp. Taken on 02/14/1935

BMW Motor Werks in Munich. 10 new BMW R12 motorcycle sidecar combos ready for delivery. What an impressive scene today and back than?

A great shot of a BMW R12 military version being inspected by Heer troops and civilians.




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