Factory photos

All photos published here in the factory section are under agreement and license with Mike Dunn of BMW R12.net. All photos are exclusive copy rights of BMW Group Archive.

Factory Photos

A 1936 BMW R12 hanging from the ceiling at the factory. Notice the small round waltzentacho, solid painted handlebars in black, the flip top gas cap( 1936 Only) AMAL dual carbs, Pagusa saddle cover, BOSCH JN5 rear tail light, Internal controls and the large rear license plate frame. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).


Here is a photos showing some civilian BMW R12 motorcycles. The year of the photo is 1936. Notice the flip top tank caps on the motorcycles. All of the motorcycles are also fitted with Continental tires in this photo.  (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

A Military BMW R12 on the assembly line at the factory in Munich. Some interesting notes of the motorcycle are. The return spring for the center stand is black. The horn bracket is painted. The intake tubes are painted flat black like the mufflers and pipes. The kicker arm is painted black. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

The same photo with a new face in the photo. Notice the sidecar ball is black oxide or atr as its called in the parts book. Another item to make a note of is the black handle shifter, shift gate is black, the bolts that hold the rear drive cover on are NOT cad. They are black and this is mistakes that are made during restorations. The sidecar bracket on the upper frame support is also black oxide. In the back ground are more military frames. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

A 1936 BMW R12 on the assembly line with the worker putting the front end on the machine. Some very key items to note in this photo. First is the paint, a nice RAL 7021 Heeresgrau . Notice the flat appearance of the paint. You can see finger marks all over the fender and forks in this photo. The gas tank is 1 year only 1936 flip top. The tires are Englebert brand which is interesting as we have seen different ones on the motorcycles. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

BMW R12 motors being assembled at the factory in Munich. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

A military BMW R12 inside a training room at BMW. This photo was taken probably around 1942. The posters on the wall behind the motorcycles are for the BMW R75 motorcycle. The cutaway motors are from a BMW R51(closest to the motorcycles) BMW R75 and a BMW R12. Laying on the bench is a BMW R75 sidecar fender. The civilian BMW R12 is from Berlin. The military BMW R12 is a 1941 model. Notice the steel foot boards, black springs for the drivers seat, Military fenders and now you can see the saddle bag brackets on the rear of the motorcycle. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

Some interesting notes to point out in the photo above.  First the same 3 motorcycles are in the photo. Its possible this is the opposite view of the same training room. What you have on the wall, the tools is incredible. Starting with motor tools directly in front of the view, than to the right is the rear drive tools. A interesting note is the BMW R71 with Berlin plates ( IIA). The motorcycles in this photo are a BMW R71, BMW R12 and a BMW R75. (This photo is exclusive copy rights of BMW group Archive).

Here is a great photo showing a row of BMW R12 motorcycle all made in 1936. Here are some key points to point out on the motorcycle in this photo. There is some  BMW R4 motorcycles on the left, mixed in the group.

  1. Every R12 has the steering lock and key hanging from the motorcycle.
  2. All of the motorcycles are 1936 with flip top gas tank caps.
  3. All of the motorcycles have civilian type rear passenger foot rest, not stamped steel ones.
  4. All of the headlights are the magneto type, no generator lights and not fuses on the EAS 170.
  5. All of the bolts and nuts on the motorcycle except the motor are black oxide.
  6. The grips are NOT Magura, they are even too small for the handlebars.
  7. Every motorcycle has paperwork on the rear passenger seat.
  8. Low compression heads.
  9. Early style civilian air cleaners.
  10. All of the rear packtasche carriers are not complete. Missing the lower brackets and missing the handles.

Some items to mention in this photo. This is the only known photo of the warning label on the gas tank of the BMW R12. I have spoken to BMW Archives and they are unaware of any more photos of this warning at all. This is possible it was not used in the field? Some more items to point out are

  1. Black Oxide damper spring and top nut cover.
  2. Small rubber spacer for separating the control wires.
  3. Black oxide headlight bolts and not the washers.

1936 Military BMW R12 military motorcycles in a row awaiting headlights.  All of the tire sizes are 3,50 X 19 Continental brand and made in Germany.  The high resolution photos show this.

1941 BMW Motorcycles waiting transportation to Romania. All of these motorcycles are from 1941. This was taken on the northern part of the factory grounds where they were loaded onto the trains.

A closer photo of the BMW R12 motorcycles headed to Romania.

This image was taken after one of the 1944 bombings. In this photo is a BMW R75 in the background, BMW R12 and the bike in the front of the photo is a BMW R36 prototype(with Hornet cylinder head) at the factory site in Milbertshofen.

Pictured above is a great shot seldom seen on the inside left view of the Krad B2 sidecar. This photo shows the details of parts that are black oxide.

Perfect shot of the BMW R12 sidecar with motorcycle attached. Some items to make note of are:

  1. Leather bag covers
  2. Krad B2 Typenschild on the boat(boot).
  3. The Entstört nach Gruppe III plate on the front fender right below the front of the headlight.
  4. The very large BMW logo on the sidecar boot.
  5. Painter clutch and front brake levers, also the damper handle.

BMW R12 cranks being check.

Excellent detailed view of the left side of a 1941 BMW R12 Military motorcycle. Key noted items are:

  1. Bosch battery
  2. The heater tubes are the same color as the pipes and mufflers
  3. Black oxide springs
  4. cloth gas line with cad platted ends.
  5. A BOSCH spark plug cap. This style has changed from the earlier versions.
  6. All nuts and bolts are black oxide.

Pictured above is a early BMW R12 motor, either 1935-36. There is big differences in this motor compared to the later R12 version. Here are some key notes to point out.

  1. Civil air cleaner
  2. Different cylinder heads
  3. BOSCH 245RS108 generator
  4. Hex nut on the spring return. They changed this on the later ones. This is the nut over the tool box door on the side.
  5. Bosch coil under the seat
  6. 2nd version of fenders, civil

This is a Engine and transmission of a BMW R 12 in the “After Sales Training” trailer. You can also see a set of BMW R75 forks on the top shelf.

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