BMW used 3 different manufactures during its production run for building BMW motorcycles in the 1930’s-40’s. Models such as R2, R4, R5, R6, R35, R12, R17,R51,R61,R66,R71 all used these bolts. They were Ribe, Verbus and NSF. The last company is unknown as the bolt heads had no name at all. It is not known who it was. Below is a photo of 3 of those bolt manufactures making bolts for BMW.

(Left to Right NSF, Verbus and Ribe)









NSF was a Bavarian company, Nürnberger Schraubenfabrik und Elektrowerk (N.S.F).  Founded in 1889 in Wespennest, the Göbel & Schoter workshop was the first screw/bolt factory in Bavaria. After the departure of Johann Schoter from the company, Carl Göbel continued the company under the name of  “Nürnberger Metallschraubenfabrik und Facondreherei Carl Göbel”. As early as 1890, he moved the farm into the parental estate Imhoffstraße 1.

After setting up a GmbH in 1897 with the brothers Saemann, Göbel left the company with 52 employees in 1899. The company, which had meanwhile grown considerably well. Gobel acquired a house in Mendelstrasse 9 in 1908. However, the new business location soon became much too small, so a new  factory building was built at Mendelstraße 11 1909-10. Two years later the property was acquired with house number 7. The shop seemed to flourish – the workforce had grown to 1911 to 387 employees, in the same year the GmbH was transformed into an oHG.

During the First World War, the company was again expanded. They opened a branch office in Berlin in 1920, the development and manufacture of radio accessories began in 1923. This promising business was outsourced to Obere Kanalstrasse in 1927.

After the establishment of the British NSF in Croydon / GB in 1932, the workforce comprised of 2,200 workers and employees in 1934. The company continued to expand. A changeover to armaments operation( war)  was already announced at this time, when the screw factory carried out armament orders and the power station produced components for people and military communications technology. The Jewish owner was now forced by the Nazis to sell the factory. Therefore, the company was sold to the newly founded company Nürnberger Schraubenfabrik GmbH in 1938, and in 1939 completely converted to armament orders. By this time, sales had tripled. The name change in “Nuremberg screw factory and power station” took place in 1940.

After the merger of the electric branch with the AEG (1942), the number of employees reached the peak of 3,532 in 1944. The company was bombed on the night of February 21st 1945, this was a major blow to the company and work suddenly stopped. The steady upward trend of the company was over – the power plant was destroyed to 80% this night. After the beginning of 1946, the number of employees could be increased to 1,346 by the end of 1949. As early as 1951 a branch company was founded in Zeil am Main, and a new building was built in Paumgartnerstrasse in 1956. After the workforce had grown to 3,800 by 1958, the Nuremberg screw factory was taken over by the Gutehoffnungshütte Group in 1960. After its merger with the Gutehoffnungshütte Schwerte GmbH, production was shifted to Schwerte an der Ruhr in 1967.


The company Bauer-und-Schaurte-Werke in Neuss were founded by Christian Schaurte, based in Sauerland, and the Cologne-based Georg Bauer, as a Rheinische screw and nut factory, Bauer and Schaurte was formed on July 1, 1876. In 1917 by Werner T , Schaurte, and in 1980, together with the Karcher works (among others in Beckingen / Saar) under the name “Bauer & Schaurte und Karcher”. In 1993 Saarstahl removed his subsidiary company BSK (Bauer, Schaurte, Karcher) at which it went into Bankruptcy. In 1994 the plants were purchased by the Valois group (France).

Even after the takeover, the plants did not bring the desired success they needed, so the US company Textron took over the company in 1996-2006 in the division Textron Fastening Systems. In the fall of 2006, this division was sold to the capital company Platinum Equity and renamed it to Acument Global Technologies.

A Indian investor Ruia bought the then bankrupt company in February 2011. In March 2012, Ruia Global Fasteners again filed for bankruptcy for the plants in Neuss, Schrozberg and Beckingen (Saarland) and Neuwied (Rhineland-Palatinate). Subsequently, the company was again profitable and was taken over by the investor Whitesell in 2013. In July 2014, however, Whitesell announced the closure of the plant in Neuss and the other locations in Neuwied, Beckingen and Schrozberg and had massive layoffs. In 2015 the Whitesell plants Schrozberg and Beckingen will be integrated into the Dutch Nedschroef Holding.

Bauer and Schaurte are among other things well-known for the screw format Allen (hexagon bolt Bauer and Schaurte) and Verbus (hardened hexagon socket screw Bauer and Schaurte). What was a leading bolt and screw company in the 1940’s was now forever forgotten.  “Verbus” stands for “vergütete Schraube Bauer und Schaurte” (vergütet = tempered/hardened).


Ribe was formed in 1925 in Schwabach Germany formed by Richard Bergner. The Leadership of the company was in the Hands of the second generation, his son Waldemar Bergner.  Ribe made bolts for companies like BMW, NSU, Zundapp, etc.



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