The BMW R12 used two different speedometers during its production run.  For the early civil motorcycles 1935-36 versions they used the small waltzentacho. This speedo was made by Veigel. Andreas Veigel started a firm in 1910 in Stuttgart Cannstatt during WW1.

It is a small round speedo 40mm in dia. The face plate is DRP ( Deutsches Reichspatent) marked. This has a small dial inside that spins and rolls.

As you can see this has a small 9mm head bolt on the back of the speedo. This is for holding the bracket into the headlight and allowing the mounting of the small speedo.

The next speedo used in the Military version of the motorcycle was the lager Veigel 85mm speedo. There is photo evidence of 1936 Military motorcycles at the BMW factory with these speedos. So you can say from 1936 onwards for the military version they used the larger 85mm Veigel.

Starting with:

  1. If you notice and look at the ratio below the numbers you can see the 1,75. This is the first thing to look for when trying to locate  a correct speedo.
  2. Another item to take notice is the needle. Look at how thin the needle is, the Russian/Chinese ones are always wide.
  3. The military speedos go up to 120km and they have the red zone from 85-120km.
  4. The BMW logo is nice and sharp and clear. Most reproduction  face plates have very horrible prints.
  5. The outside edge of the speedo is always black, never chrome. Some were paint grau but never chrome.

Look at how the corners on the speedo are round and not sharp and straight. This is another item to look for when comparing real Veigel speedos from Russian and Chinese reproductions.

If you look closely on the bottom corner you can see a date done in hand writing.

Another Military R12 speedo. Notice the black paint on the bezel and not chrome.

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