Tools / Accessories

In this section we will discuss tools and items in the tool kits for the BMW R12. First we will talk about the BMW R12 tube repair tin box, Pneumatik-Reparaturkasten. These little tin boxes are very hard to locate now of days. Being made from a small thin material most of them have not made it 82 years. In the manual BMW R12 D605/3 is a very good photo of this box next to the tool kit. Below is this photo

From the research that I have found this tin box was made in a gold anodized color and a white. I have original examples of each color. The size of the box is 103mm X 78 X 45. Inside the kits was tube patches, a small scuffing tool to repair inner tubes. Below is a original box in the gold color. Take a look to Caberg Helmets on


Top view showing the small lip on the front where you open the box at.


Bottom view


Inside view with instructions for the user of the kit.

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